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Catch them young……… Let us aspire the young children to achieve as per their potential & strive to transform them into confident individual. Let us help them to convert an idea into design, a plan into execution, an experience into decision, a vision into reality. At KV Baad Mathura, we hone and nurture the innate talent of students and endeavour  to make them self reliant , acquire fair competitive spirit, develop discernible ability, work out on communication skills and adopt world fraternity. Let us help these children to grow into creative , compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, confident, capable human beings. We need parents’ support & co-operation, then only our performance & hard work will excide excellence. Let us give our children an Indian soul & best educational experiences to help them grow into pleasing yet courageous personalities. Let all the stakeholders- students, teachers, parents, management have a shared vision for this.



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